ADIO's guide on Infrastructure Partnerships

ADIO's guide on Infrastructure Partnerships 

Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) is the central authority responsible for the implementation of public-private partnerships in Abu Dhabi, with for mandate to support private sector investment in the emirate.

In 2019, Abu Dhabi enacted a new law (Law No. 2 of 2019) designed to encourage private sector involvement and investment in major infrastructure projects in the emirate and the delivery of services through a public-private partnership framework. These Public-Private Partnership regulations solidify Abu Dhabi’s infrastructure partnership model.

The "Partnerships Projects Guidebook" provides a comprehensive and practical overview of the legislative and operational processes for the development of partnership projects in Abu Dhabi.

The guidebook sets out the processes and procedures that are required to be followed in connection with the development, procurement and management of Partnership Projects in Abu Dhabi.

It also offers investors a single trusted source of information when assessing, planning, developing and operating infrastructure projects.


To find out more about how entities can deliver infrastructure assets in a transparent and efficient way, download the Partnerships Project Guidebook below:

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