Are you ready to raise pre-seed funding?

Are you ready to raise pre-seed funding? 

Though often not considered an 'official' funding round, pre-seed funding is the earliest stage of funding for a new company. 

It allows founders to get off the ground, and it is typically used to develop an early version of the product. 

Pre-seed fundraising can boost a company’s growth, but the challenge is knowing when to get started with the process.  

So are you ready to raise pre-seed funding? 

Test yourself by taking our quiz!


What are the rules for when you can start fundraising for pre-seed investment?

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What is a clear sign that you are ready to engage pre-seed investors?

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You’re on your way to product/market fit. In a nutshell, it means that…:

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Having a strong revenue model and financial projections ready is an important indicator of pre-seed investment readiness, because:

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What should you do before starting pre-seed fundraising efforts?

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True or False - it’s extremely important to get legal advice early on as you kick off your venture?

6 / 7

What should be your go-to strategy when it comes to raising capital at a pre-seed stage?

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