Do you understand pre-seed funding? Test your general knowledge!

Do you understand pre-seed funding? Test your general knowledge! 

When a startup starts generating some form of revenue, it may help sustain the company, but most of the time, cannot cover its growth needs. 

As such, pre-seed funding is every founder and entrepreneur’s starting point. 

But do you understand the different forms of pre-seed funding available out there, and do you know what would work best for your business? 

Take the quiz to test your general knowledge on pre-seed funding!

Growing a new venture requires more money than most startups have. Pre-seeding funding can transform an idea into an actual business – True or False?

1 / 7

Pre-seed funding can impact the immediate viability of a business…

2 / 7

Bootstrapping is a pre-seed financing process that involves:

3 / 7

The concept of “Friends, family & fools” refers to family members, relatives, and/or close friends…

4 / 7

How does pre-seed accelerator funding differ from the other form of funding?

5 / 7

In what instance of pre-seed funding do investors fund startups financially, in exchange for an ownership stake in the business?

6 / 7

Crowdfunding is a way of raising money in small amounts from a large number of individuals, usually via the internet. It can occur in different shapes and forms, including:

7 / 7

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