Quiz: Funding for Startups & SMEs – Are you ready to raise funds?

Quiz: Funding for Startups & SMEs – Are you ready to raise funds? 

Are you fundraising in the UAE? It’s important to understand where you stand and what funding options are available for your business.

So how knowledgeable about funding and fundraising are you? Is your company ready to raise funds? 

Take the quiz to find out!

When fundraising, you should consider specific sources of funding/ investor types based on the following determinant factor(s):

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When considering debt capital, such as bank loans or invoice financing, what is the main drawback?

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Many banks in the UAE are reluctant to lend to SMEs. However, new amendments to Bankruptcy Law favor debtors. True or False?

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VC Funds in the UAE have increasingly provided support to regional startups. What does a VC Fund offer, exactly?

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True or False? VC firms are highly selective.

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As a company, what are some bank financing options to consider as alternatives to debt?

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True or false: to ensure a faster processing on financing applications, you should never disclose any major business challenge (such as liquidity crunches) to your bank?

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What kind of goals are considered as scaling up for rapid growth?

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