Quiz: How much do you know about Convertible Notes?

Quiz: How much do you know about Convertible Notes? 

Time to quiz your knowledge on Convertible notes!

To make discussions with investors easier, any founder should understand this basic financial instrument.

So how much do you already know about the topic? 

Test your knowledge by taking through this short quiz, and check the hub’s Convertible Note series to strengthen your knowledge on the topic.

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What is a convertible note?

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Convertible notes usually work well for early stage founders because they…:

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What is the main reason for issuing a Convertible Note?

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Which from the below is not a key term to keep in mind, when dealing with the concept of convertible notes?

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True or False? Conversion events typically lead to the repayment of investors through equity shares or loan repayment.

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There are 3 different calculation methods to calculate the price per share to which a note converts at. Which from the below is not one of them?

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What calculation method is the fairest to both the investor and the founder?

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