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Are you Ready to Crowdfund? Test yourself! 

By: Abu Dhabi SME Hub
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Today, crowdfunding allows independent innovators, entrepreneurs or small companies to overcome the challenge of pre-seed funding.

Crowdfunding also is a powerful marketing tool – but if you are not ready, no one will see or believe in your campaign. 

So how do you prepare yourself, ahead of clicking that “Create Campaign” button? And are you ready for it?

Take the quiz to find out!

Before getting started on crowdfunding, you should…

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True or False? You can only kick off a crowdfunding campaign once your prototype is ready and looks appealing.

2 / 7

True or False? Choosing the right platform is a first and key decision of running a crowdfunding campaign.

3 / 7

When deciding on your goal, or the funding amount you are looking to raise, you should…

4 / 7

When it comes to marketing your crowdfunding campaign, it’s important to…

5 / 7

Once your campaign is set up and kicked off on the right platform, what are major aspects to keep in mind to ensure its long term viability and success?

6 / 7

When the campaign is over, you should focus on the following aspect:

7 / 7

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