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The Emirates Angels Investors Association is a non-profit association, officially registered under the Ministry of Community Development in the UAE and supported by the Ministry of Economy.

Founded on the 25th of February 2020 as a Registered NGO in the United Arab Emirates (Registration# 200), the association’s objective is to accelerate the startup scene by forming a network of passionate and active investors that can contribute to the early investment stage in the region. The Association supports the local application of global best practices and methodologies in the field of angel investing, providing education for angel investors and startups and connecting those within the region and beyond.

More broadly, Emirates Angels also seeks to educate investors and entrepreneurs on the fundamentals of startups, angel investing and venture capital by providing them with educational resources, coaching and mentorship programs.

As a non-profit organisation, the association does not invest in startups, but its members, however, are investors by nature, and can invest through a fund, side vehicle or individually as they please. Members include elite youth UAE national angel investors and expert board members.

Emirates Angels serves as a platform that connects startups to angel investor groups and ecosystem partners both regionally and globally. It aims to be the voice of angel investors in communication with the government and ecosystem partners, and to bring up any issues that hinder the development of startups, lobby on laws and regulations, and to communicate the importance of supporting early-stage startups.

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