Expert Advice: Identifying viable hydroponic nutrient solution software for agriculture businesses

Expert Advice: Identifying viable hydroponic nutrient solution software for agriculture businesses 

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Question: Can you recommend hydroponic nutrient solution software for my company to use? We are open to both free and premium software options.

The same way fertilizers are used to bolster the nutrient content of soil, nutrient solutions are utilised to improve the mineral richness of the water solvents used in the field of hydroponics.

It has become customary to use a computerized system or digital program to calculate the ideal hydroponic solution dosages and formulas for specific crops, which offers the horticulturist quicker and more accurate results in terms of the final produce, while cutting on costs.

In this context, opting for online, cloud-based software makes it easier to use and access this digital tool, regardless of geographical location, elminating the need to install programs on on-premises computers.

There are many websites that offer hydroponic nutrient calculators:

  1. Fertilizer Calculator: (free)

  2. SMART Fertilizer Software: (premium)

  3. Fertilizer Calculator: (free) 

  4. Science in Hydroponics: (free)

  5. (premium) 

Many international universities (especially those in the US) offer free fertilizer calculators, so you can conduct some research into those as well if you still can’t pick the right software for you. Regardless, given the plentiful free options you can find online, you are bound to find a tool that is right for your business. 


Basem Al Khawaldeh contributed to these answers as part of Access to Experts: 

With over 25 years of experience in the agricultural sector, Basem Al Khawaldeh is a professional expert in protected agriculture, hydroponics and aquaponics. He currently provides agribusiness consultancy to a wide range of clients that includes government, funding organizations, food security agencies, private sector stakeholders and research organizations.  

Why you should connect with Basem: Given his impressive body of work and extensive experience, in addition to his position with the Khalifa Fund, Basem is one of the best points of contact for any inquiries revolving around the agriculture sector in Abu Dhabi.

You can reach out to him on the Hub, here.

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