Expert Advice: Nadia Saleh Ghabesh Al Meshrefi

Expert Advice: Nadia Saleh Ghabesh Al Meshrefi 

How to choose a banking partner on your entrepreneurial journey?

Selecting the right banking partner is crucial for your entrepreneurial journey. With various banks and financial institutions available, making this decision can be overwhelming. Each bank has different services, fees, and support levels; finding the one that aligns with your business needs is vital.


This is where mentorship plays a pivotal role. Nadia Saleh Ghabesh Al Meshrefi, along with other seasoned mentors at Abu Dhabi SME Hub, has navigated the challenges of choosing banking partners in their entrepreneurial journeys. They understand the ins and outs of the process and offer valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.


Abu Dhabi SME Hub is home to over 90 mentors familiar with the banking landscape. With their guidance, you can gain a clearer understanding of what to look for in a banking partner, ensuring your entrepreneurial journey is supported by the right financial institution. For simplified advice and practical tips on choosing a banking partner, turn to Abu Dhabi SME Hub's mentorship platform.


If you're an entrepreneur seeking guidance in choosing the right business model and overcoming challenges, connect with Nadia and hundreds of other mentors on Abu Dhabi SME Hub - Access to Mentors. Our mentors are experts in their fields. They believe in the spirit of collaboration and want to provide entrepreneurs with all the necessary information and guidance they need to grow their businesses. Whether you have a question, or you’d like to request a meeting, check the list of mentors and get in touch.


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