Founder's Hax - Episode 2 Build your Financial Model

Founder's Hax - Episode 2 Build your Financial Model 

Financial Planning, Accounting, Fundraising

Founder’s Hax is Abu Dhabi SME Hub’s newest mini-series, powered by Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development and Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development

Now although you did include a financial model slide in your pitch deck, you need a more detailed and structured one before you start your business.


In this second episode of Founder's Hax, we dive into planning your Financial Model in order to assess the quality of your business plans by either validating them or improving them. Investors are going to challenge you on two things: your assumptions and your numbers, so you need to have your guard up and be ready. They will want to see how much money you need to raise and how you plan on spending it.


Lastly, watch Eyad Sebai, a finance expert, answer some of your crucial questions. So, once you have your financial model secured here, you’re ready to build your business!


Stay tuned for the next episode where we will let you in on how to build your team.

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