Meet the industry experts that will advise you on doing business in Abu Dhabi

Meet the industry experts that will advise you on doing business in Abu Dhabi 

By: Abu Dhabi SME Hub

We compiled some of the experts best positioned to advise you on sound business practices in Abu Dhabi, helping you navigate the local ecosystem in a smooth and efficient manner.

The Abu Dhabi SME Hub has debuted a new initiative that offers startup and SME entrepreneurs, both regional and international, access to top industry experts: the Access to Experts initiative.

By offering a directory of business experts and professionals from varied backgrounds and expertise, the initiative aims to provide free-of-charge support and mentorship to entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey, helping fast-track their success in Abu Dhabi.

Navigating a business environment, especially as a prospective entrepreneur looking to start a new company, or as an international SME looking to enter a new market, can be challenging. Questions posed often include: How can I register my company in Abu Dhabi? What paperwork must I prepare for my company to become VAT-compliant? How do I meet the Emiratisation quota? What are the most effective communication strategies in the Emirate? How can I legally onboard remote staff?  

Thankfully, Abu Dhabi has made significant strides in recent years to streamline the ease of doing business. In fact, Abu Dhabi was named the “best Arab business city” this year by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

To help you engage in sound business practices to ensure your success in the Emirate, we have compiled some of the experts best positioned to support you.

Get in touch for support from experts on the Hub! Browse the Access to Experts directory here.

Biancka Gracias is an experienced law professional with the core expertise to counsel startups in all stages of development and SMEs to help them overcome their legal challenges in the United Arab Emirates. Having resided in the UAE since 2004, Biancka has more than 15 years of experience in the corporate/commercial legal sector, and is currently heading the startups and SMEs practice at The International Consultant Law Office (ICLO).

Why you should connect with Biancka: Given her expertise and extensive experience in her sector, Biancka is well positioned to advise you on legal matters relating to doing business in Abu Dhabi. Reach out to her on the Hub, here.

CA Mohammed Shafeek is a Chartered Accountant and a leading financial advisor. He is the Founder and CEO of M S Accounting & Tax Consultancy (MSATC), a boutique Tax and Accounting Consultancy firm headquartered in Abu Dhabi. 

When founding MSATC in 2017, Shafeek found a growing demand from entrepreneurs who at the start of their careers are in great need of advice and mentorship to help them solve problems and to set the right course for their ventures.

He has executed various financial due diligence engagements that provide critical analysis for clients in the form of risk and issue identification, assessment of the impact on value and development of structuring and mitigating strategies across various industries.

Why you should connect with Mohammed: Mohammed and his MSATC team are no stranger to supporting UAE-based SMEs and startups when it comes to tax and financial concerns, and they will offer all the knowledge and resources to support you in your queries. Reach out to him on the Hub, here.

Anastasiya Golovatenko is an accomplished PR professional and business advisor who leads Dubai-based communications consultancy Sherpa Communications. With more than 13 years of expertise developing and executing all aspects of public relations and marketing campaigns, she provides senior counsel to brands of any size and structure helping them achieve business objectives and meaningful results through the strategic use of communication. 

Anastasiya and her colleagues also actively support a rising number of startups and SMEs in the UAE and Middle East region providing advice on best practices and tactics for effective scaling up and business growth. 

Why you should connect with Anastasiya: With a long history of developing effective public relations and communications strategies across a client base of B2B and B2C clients, Anastasiya is the right Expert to counsel you on putting your brand name out there, while adhering to the best PR practices in the Emirate. Reach out to her on the Hub, here.

Ali Al Yammahi is an Emirati coach and the founder of Ali Al Yammahi Consultancy.

A seasoned and passionate coach, Human Resources and Learning & Development professional, Ali has a long history working in HR in different government entities, as a coach and professional trainer, aiding with Emiratisation efforts and helping leaders achieve their own goals and their organization's objectives.

Ali offers business coaching sessions, HR consultations and training; team-building support through engagement and motivation activities; and customer satisfaction assessment. 

Why you should connect with Ali: If you are trying to get your business up to speed with current HR regulations, or trying to align with Emiratisation quotas set by the government, Ali is well placed to support you. Reach out to him on the Hub, here.

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