Meet the industry experts that will advise you on becoming investment ready and securing funding

Meet the industry experts that will advise you on becoming investment ready and securing funding 

By: Abu Dhabi SME Hub

We have compiled below some of the experts best positioned to support you on your fundraising journey, bringing in much-needed funds to power your company’s growth. 

The Abu Dhabi SME Hub has debuted a new initiative that will offer startup and SME entrepreneurs, both regional and international, access to top industry experts: the Access to Experts initiative.

By offering a directory of business experts and professionals from varied backgrounds and expertise, the initiative aims to provide free-of-charge support and mentorship to entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey, helping fast-track their success in Abu Dhabi.

For many prospective, or even existing, entrepreneurs, raising funding for a project can be one of the most daunting aspects of starting or growing a business. 

Questions that must be considered are plentiful: when will my company need funding? What will investors be expecting from me? What kind of investor is best-suited to support my business at this stage? Do I have a clear, engaging pitch deck and sound financials? Should I seek a smaller sum from an angel investor who will offer me more freedom, or a greater sum of funds from a VC, but with more strings attached?

It can be a challenge simply finding the place to start on the journey to funding. 

We have compiled below some of the experts best positioned to support you on your fundraising journey, bringing in much-needed funds to power your company’s growth. 

Get in touch for support from experts on the Hub! Browse the Access to Experts directory here.

Stelios Leftheris is an IT and Information Security and Risk Manager with over 19 years of extensive experience in IT operations and management, Risk Assessment, Governance, Infrastructure Security, Application Security, 3rd Party Security and Threat Management in very complex environments.

He currently runs the VESTIGOS group of companies that are mentoring, advising and guiding investors/family offices, SMEs and tech start-ups on business & technology strategy and funding in preparation for scaling up/growth and market networking.

Why you should connect with Stelios: If you are getting ready to fundraise as you start scaling and growing, Stelios can help challenge your assumptions to refine your proposition and advise on investors to contact in the process.

Reach out to him on the Hub here.

Masaood Rahma Al Masood is Chairman of The Emirates Angels Investors Association, a non-profit association that has created a network of passionate and active angel investors that can contribute to the early investment stage in the region.

Why you should connect with Emirates Angels: When it comes to angel investing in Abu Dhabi, you’re in great hands with Masaaod and Emirates Angels, a non-profit organization created to support early-stage entrepreneurs. 

Is an angel investment the ideal funding mechanism for your business? Reach out to Emirates Angels and find out, here

Miriam Kiwan is the Head of Strategic Partnerships at ADGM in Abu Dhabi. She is responsible for developing and managing strategic partnerships that support ADGM’s sustainable growth. Prior to this, Miriam spearheaded entrepreneurship and innovation, focusing on positioning ADGM as the leading tech startup hub in the MEASA region and improving connectedness across ecosystems locally and internationally.

Why you should connect with Miriam: Given her current role at ADGM, Miriam is perfectly positioned to put you in touch with the right funding entity and can also advise on access to market strategies.

Reach out to her on the Hub here.

Dr Bhaskar Dasgupta is responsible for market development, new product & ecosystem development, developing go-to-market strategies, managing new initiatives and delivering a significant increase in the number of firms listed in ADGM and AUM.

Why you should Connect with Dr. Bhaskar: Given his extensive experience in the financial sector, and his current role at ADGM, Dr. Bhasker can advise on fundraising options and strategies, and potentially direct you to VC firms that could be interested in your company.

You can reach out to him on the Hub, here.

Suresh Lalwani is an expert SME and Commercial Banker with over 20 years of banking experience.

Suresh has excellent knowledge of different industries including manufacturing, services, e-commerce and trading as he has been financing such businesses through banks for many years. Suresh has worked with institutions like Citi, HSBC, RAKBANK, PwC and FAB thereby managing large lending portfolios in $Billions, building and executing strategies.

Why you should Connect with Suresh: With a significant pool of experience across varied industries, Suresh is well-positioned to support with any queries regarding SME and startup funding you might have.

Reach out to him on the Hub here.

Are you a business or thought leader, interested to participate in supporting entrepreneurs through this initiative? You can contact us to join as an expert here.  

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