Eiffel Investment Group Expands its Global Presence with a New Office in the United Arab Emirates and Creates the Institute for Sustainable Finance with Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi

Eiffel Investment Group Expands its Global Presence with a New Office in the United Arab Emirates and Creates the Institute for Sustainable Finance with Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi 

Eiffel Investment Group announced yesterday the opening of its newest office at Abu Dhabi Global Market on Al Maryah Island, a key step in its ambition to provide institutional investors with innovative and tailored-made investment strategies, in particular in the field of the energy transition with the creation of the Institute for Sustainable Finance.

Eiffel Investment Group, a European fast-growing asset manager, is proud to announce the opening of its new  office in the heart of the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) as it has been granted In-Principle Approval (IPA)  from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) of ADGM. This strategic expansion marks a significant  milestone in Eiffel Investment Group's commitment to serving its clients and partners in the Middle East and  further enhancing its global footprint. 

The new office in ADGM reflects Eiffel Investment Group's dedication to providing a wide range of financial  services and investment solutions to the dynamic and rapidly growing markets of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)  and the broader Gulf region. This expansion will enable Eiffel Investment Group to offer its expertise and tailored  solutions to local and international clients seeking investment opportunities in the UAE, particularly in the field  of energy transition, a core and longstanding expertise of Eiffel Investment Group since its inception fifteen years  ago. 

ADGM, with its focus on sustainable finance and green initiatives, will serve as an ideal platform for Eiffel  Investment Group to drive its commitment to responsible investment practices. The UAE has set ambitious goals  for renewable energy adoption, and Eiffel Investment Group looks to participate in this energy transition journey. The Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) facilitated Eiffel Investment Group’s expansion into the Emirate through  providing technical support and supporting engagement with key ecosystem partners. 

Eiffel Investment Group's services will encompass sustainable and green investment strategies, assisting clients  in aligning their portfolios with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. In the energy transition  space, Eiffel Investment Group’s funds have financed thousands of infrastructure assets and companies, in  onshore and offshore wind, solar PV, energy storage, biogas, biomass, hydrogen, energy efficiency /  decarbonation, clean mobility, recycling… Eiffel Investment Group’s unique expertise and track record in energy  

transition find their source in the group’s origins within Louis Dreyfus, a global leader in energy and commodities,  and since 2011 in its ownership by reference shareholder Impala, a key player in renewable energy (through  Direct Energie, Neoen, Tag Energy...). Eiffel Investment Group believes that investing in renewable energy, clean  technologies, and other sustainable sectors is not only ethically responsible but also financially efficient. 

In addition to its commitment to the energy transition, Eiffel Investment Group intends to contribute to the  deepening of the relations between France and the Emirates through a range of initiatives combining various  approaches to the challenges of finance and mutually beneficial innovations. In that respect, it is proud to  announce its partnership with Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi to establish an Institute focused on theoretical  reflection in finance and economics: the Institute for Sustainable Finance. This Institute will bring together  students, experts, academics, and practitioners to conduct research and analysis, providing insights that can  shape the future of global finance. 

The partnership with Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi reflects Eiffel Investment Group's commitment to  knowledge-sharing and intellectual exploration. The Institute will explore innovative financial strategies,  economic trends, and emerging market opportunities to provide thought leadership in the field of finance and  investments. 

"We believe that theoretical reflection and academic collaboration are essential for the advancement of the  financial industry. Our partnership with La Sorbonne Abu Dhabi will allow us to contribute to the academic  discourse while bringing fresh perspectives to our clients and partners," said Alexis Rostand, Managing Director and SEO of Eiffel Investment ME, the local entity set in ADGM. 

For Professor Nathalie Martial-Braz, Vice Chancellor Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, “Sorbonne University Abu  Dhabi's partnership with Eiffel Investment Group adds a stone to the development of research in sustainable  finance in the UAE and in the region. We are proud of the creation of the Institute for Sustainable Finance, which  will allocate research scholarships to serve as a hub for research & development and foster innovation. By  associating a leading financial group to a leading academic institution, we aim to bring our best contribution to  the knowledge economy." 

Eiffel Investment Group's CEO, Fabrice Dumonteil, stated, "Our presence in Abu Dhabi signifies not only our  commitment to providing top-tier financial services but also our dedication to the energy transition. We aim to  collaborate with local partners and contribute to the UAE's ambitious clean energy agenda, as well as supporting  global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainable development." 

Commenting on Eiffel Investment Group's introduction to ADGM's ecosystem, Arvind Ramamurthy, Chief of  Market Development at ADGM, said, “We are delighted to welcome to Eiffel Investment Group within ADGM’s  dynamic community. Their commitment to serving regional clients with global financial expertise and steadfast  dedication to sustainable development through clean energy transition aligns with ADGM's ongoing initiatives  towards sustainable finance and building a sustainable financial ecosystem in Abu Dhabi.” 

ADGM is one of the world’s leading international financial centres, located in the capital city of the United Arab  Emirates (UAE).  

“We are thrilled to support and welcome Eiffel Investment Group into the Abu Dhabi ecosystem. Their innovative  approach to financial services has showcased their great potential to disrupt the market and create significant  value for driving Abu Dhabi’s sustainability strategy and vision, aligning with our goal of attracting companies in  high-growth economic sectors which support the Emirate’s long-term vision,” Kenny Goggin, Head of Strategic Partnerships at ADIO, commented on the collaboration. 

ADIO is the catalyst responsible for enabling investment into key sectors of Abu Dhabi’s economy. It leverages  Abu Dhabi’s competitive advantages to strengthen established sectors and cultivate new industry clusters. ADIO continues to support global business through its international offices located in strategic locations around  the world. 

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