MENA Gaming Gets $1.5 Million Boost for GameCentric

MENA Gaming Gets $1.5 Million Boost for GameCentric 

GameCentric, the region's latest gaming platform at the forefront of connecting brands with gamers, has secured $1.5 Million (AED 6 Million) in capital from a Dubai-based Angel Investor, Bilal Merchant. The platform went live on 1st December 2023, immediately after the funding round.

The investment stemmed from GameCentric's clear vision and meticulous execution. Founded by Saad Khan, a gaming industry veteran, GameCentric aspires to transcend borders and become a cultural phenomenon. Saad Khan, CEO of GameCentric, emphasized the importance of collaboration and an unwavering commitment to user experience.

In line with its vision, GameCentric plans to integrate cutting-edge technologies and transition into a web3 platform by 2025, offering digital assets play, including cryptocurrencies. The platform's strategic partnership with POWReSports aims to bolster its gamer acquisition strategy and expand its ecosystem across the regional gaming landscape.

With a projected 3X growth trajectory, GameCentric aims to triple its user base across the MENA region by 2026. This growth initiative not only enhances the gaming experience but also provides innovative customer engagement tactics for brands.

Bilal Merchant, the investor, praised GameCentric's visionary strategy and innovative approach in integrating technologies like crypto and web3. He believes GameCentric is poised to disrupt the gaming landscape and create rewarding experiences for players worldwide.

GameCentric has garnered support from industry heavyweights like LIV, UAE's largest digital bank. LIV recognizes the platform's potential to deliver banking and financial education objectives through gaming, targeting Generation Now.

The platform is gearing up for strategic enhancements overseen by expert crypto advisors, focusing on innovation and user value. These enhancements include a dynamic loyalty program centered on a web3 wallet and GameCentric tokens, aiming to enhance user engagement.

As GameCentric evolves into a web3 environment, users will have the opportunity to become token owners, marking a significant shift in the gaming experience.

Looking ahead, GameCentric plans to collaborate with renowned game publishers and develop community-driven programs to strengthen engagement on the platform. The platform also aims to build a strong B2B2C brand engagement play, fostering long-term brand loyalty.

In summary, the $1.5 million angel investment serves as a catalyst for GameCentric's ambitious growth strategy, positioning the platform as a dominant force in the global gaming scene.

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