Sarwa is launching the first zero-commission trade service in the UAE, ahead of a double-digit Series B fundraiser

Sarwa is launching the first zero-commission trade service in the UAE, ahead of a double-digit Series B fundraiser 


The no minimum trading service will allow anyone to sell and buy stocks with no-commissions charged on trades. 

Sarwa is launching a new service catered to its growing market. The new feature will allow clients to buy and sell stocks as well as funds through the Sarwa app, within a few clicks. They will have access to $0 commission trades of global stocks and ETFs.

"We made investing accessible, it’s time trading follows suit. Sarwa was launched as the first robo-advisor in the region to offer simple and affordable investing to all, so they can build for a better future. At the same time, many members of the community are trading small amounts in companies they are passionate about,” said Mark Chahwan, CEO and Co-founder of Sarwa. “They wanted access to a platform they can trust, that is affordable and easy to use. So, we built this new service to allow them to do that in a safe and regulated environment."

The service is great for investors who are curious about investing in stocks they strongly believe in or ones looking to consolidate their different investments into one platform while using an affordable option. In addition to letting users execute trades, the app will have all the great Sarwa content that encourages responsible investment behavior.

 “Our advice hasn’t changed. We still believe the smartest way to build wealth is through regular, long-term, and diversified investing. That does not mean there is no place for buying and selling stocks, as long as it’s done responsibly.  Especially when it comes to themes you really believe in, whether it’s crypto, green energy, or innovative tech companies," said Mark Chahwan.  "It’s no longer about the 'stocks pickers' vs 'the set-it-and-forget-it passive investors,' investors want both and we want to provide simplicity, transparency, and accessibility on all fronts.  Our customers have behaved phenomenally well during stressful times, they think long-term, diversify, and stay the course. Our investors understand the rules of investing and know when to break them. It’s exciting for Sarwa to grow alongside our customers and enable them through technology and content."

Sarwa will continue to deliver on its unique user experience: opening an account will be fully online and will take only a few minutes. Sarwa Trade promises a fluid and simple design in comparison to the confusing and busy ones in brokerage firms and trading platforms.

“From what we have seen, the trading industry does not offer a great experience. Many of the traditional ones have high fees, high minimums, and a complicated onboarding system. The interface will be intuitive, simple to use, and accessible to all.” said Mark. 

This new service is regulated by the ADGM Financial Services Regulatory Authority and is currently in private beta mode. It will be rolled out to a waitlist leading to the public launch and will be exclusive to Sarwa Invest customers. Sarwa currently has more than 25,000 registered users.

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