Thunder Lands, UAE metaverse game, launches Initial NFT Offering

Thunder Lands, UAE metaverse game, launches Initial NFT Offering 

By: Abu Dhabi SME Hub

Dubai-based Thunder Lands is a virtual gaming metaverse in the Dark Fantasy genre. It is a string of dark worlds, where players jump into the shoes of mercenaries and treasure-seekers. To play the game, players need access to TNDR tokens, initially available to purchase in-game NFT assets. After the pre-sale these tokens will be available for purchase on several exchanges.

Thunder Lands, a blockchain metaverse GameFi company, launched an Initial NFT Offering (INO) yesterday targeting $1.7 million in NFT sales, the last step before the game, and the Thunder Lands metaverse, go live.

The INO replaces the initial plan to hold an IDO (Initial Dex Offering) as reflecting better the business of Thunder Lands and capturing the enthusiasm of Thunderers flocking to the metaverse. The soft launch of the INO was the mystery pass sales kick off, which started over the weekend here. Each of the 250 mystery boxes contains a surprise artifact, which will be revealed after the clicker phase of the game launches as early as next week.

With mystery boxes selling at a brisk pace, the INO is expected to generate $1.7 million from sales of mint passes. There are seven kinds of mint passes: three contain weapons and armor, three contain mines to mint $TNDR, and one contains a loot box.

Owners of mint passes get more than just being able to buy artifacts ahead of the mass sale. Available inside of INO Development Area, mint passes provide access to content that is not accessible to outsiders. This content includes NFTs, gaming benefits and news updates that would have material effect on game economics in near future. Put simply, owners of mint passes can make more money faster in Thunder Lands.

“Owners of mint passes will play a very special role in our Thunderer community,” said Val Ermac, Thunder Lands founder. “These are the players and landowners that will form the core of Thunder Lands metaverse.”

INO will be closely followed by the clicker release – the first stage of the actual game launching, which soon will be followed by the launch of the rest of the actual metaverse.

Thunder Lands previously held private funding rounds, raising $2 million. At the moment, Thunder Lands' gaming mechanics are being tested both internally and with gaming guilds partners. The end of beta testing and the clicker launch is expected as early as next week.

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