ADGM's business plan guidelines

ADGM's business plan guidelines 

ADGM's Online Registry Solution is a digital platform that allows applicants to register, and maintain their company through online services without the need to visit the ADGM offices. It additionally allows for the digital fulfilment of other registration services, such as the registration of real property interests, charges, recognition of auditors etc. To apply to ADGM, each business will be required to fill out the required forms online.

The first step of your application requires the creation of a brief business plan, covering 6 main elements:

  1. Business ownership details
  2. Business concept/ Value proposition
  3. UAE market plan
  4. Financials
  5. Team
  6. Business milestones


Use ADGM's template below as a guide to build your own business plan as you apply for registration and incorporation.

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