Quiz: Are you ready to start ideating?

Quiz: Are you ready to start ideating? 

By: Abu Dhabi SME Hub

The design thinking process of “Ideation” helps you generate design solutions.

Whether as a startup entrepreneur or as part of a more established organisation, you can undertake this process to identify new promising and viable business concepts.

So, are you ready to start ideating? Take the quiz to find out


What is the first step in finding a business idea?

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True or False: facilitating a productive ideation session requires a full team.

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Recognizing an opportunity, entails asking questions such as:

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True or False: clarifying and defining the problem is a necessary part of the ideation process.

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What do you call the technique whereby the team visualizes the connections between sets of ideas or information?

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True or False: the business ideation process helps you define and shape a new business right away.

6 / 6

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