Quiz: Digital marketing for startups – How ready is your company?

Quiz: Digital marketing for startups – How ready is your company? 

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Startups and SMEs don’t typically have the flexibility to dedicate specialized employees or even entire teams to pursuing new marketing methods.

Digital marketing comes with its own set of challenges, and catching an audience’s attention online is tricky.  But that shouldn’t stop you from investing efforts into digital marketing!

How knowledgeable about marketing are you, and is your company ready to invest on marketing? Take the quiz to find out!

What are two main goals to keep in mind when identifying your niche target market?

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What is the three-fold approach to digital marketing to efficiently engage potential customers?

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True or False? Marketing solutions and operations should be a top priority for rapidly growing companies that are ready to expand locally or internationally.

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What are tactics you can use to initiate a rapid marketing growth?

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What is the term given to large amounts of data aggregated from different sources?

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True or False? By scaling your marketing operations, your marketing team can stay lean and agile while continuing to deliver campaigns that drive business growth.

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What does “SMART” stand for?

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True or False? It is important to build a human connection with your target audience

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