Abu Dhabi Chamber launches its new strategy for 2023-2025

Abu Dhabi Chamber launches its new strategy for 2023-2025 

According to the new strategy, the Chamber will play three key roles: Being a Policy Advocator, a Networker, and a Service Provider.

The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ADCCI) launched its new 3-year strategy today spanning from 2023 to 2025, which centres on serving the Abu Dhabi Economy and solidifying its position as the “Voice of the Private Sector."

In line with its new strategy, the Abu Dhabi Chamber aims to empower the private sector in Abu Dhabi and enhance its competitiveness, making Abu Dhabi the first choice in the MENA region for doing business by 2025.

The Chamber's strategy is the result of an extensive exercise that was led by its Board of Directors after their appointment in July 2021 by HH Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, as they identified the need for a transformation that will allow the Chamber to provide exceptional services to support the private sector and the Abu Dhabi Economy. Furthermore, the strategy aims to establish the Chamber as a credible partner for both the private sector and the government, adding value to all stakeholders. It was also anchored in the needs of the private sector and aims to foster collaboration with local and federal partners for a successful and prosperous Abu Dhabi.

Strategic Objectives

In its 2023-2025 strategy, the Chamber focused on six strategic objectives. These include:

  1. being the #1 advocator for the private sector’s needs and the main communication channel between the private sector and the Abu Dhabi government;
  2. being the leader of the primary private sector committees in Abu Dhabi;
  3. being the go-to entity for identifying relevant business partners, locally and abroad;
  4. being the #1 platform for ecosystem navigation;
  5. being a best-in-class and fully digital service provider for Abu Dhabi businesses;
  6. becoming the go-to entity for private sector data and insights.

Karl Magnus Olsson, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Careem

Karl Magnus Olsson, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Careem, is a Board member of the Chamber

A newly transformed Global Arbitration Center

In line with the objectives of the new strategy, the Abu Dhabi Chamber is preparing to soon launch a newly transformed Arbitration Center that will bring together international best practices for the region and local businesses to take full advantage of Alternative Dispute Resolution practices. This will further support the business environment in Abu Dhabi, making Abu Dhabi a preferred hub for Alternative Dispute Resolution in years to come.

Chamber services

According to the new strategy, the Chamber will play three key roles: Being a Policy Advocator, a Networker, and a Service Provider.

By being a policy advocator, the Chamber will be serving as the interface between the private sector and the government, and run sectorial committees and working groups by leading the Economic Collaboration Committee, liaising with its government partners accordingly to provide a platform for the private sector to discuss the best ways to overcome challenges, propose new ideas, and raise policy recommendations. The Chamber will also organise regulation consultations and campaigns that aim to support the private sector in understanding relevant regulations and contribute to the establishment and modification of laws before they are issued. Moreover, the Chamber will organise B2G conferences, and provide credible data and research to the private sector and government partners.

As part of its role as a networker, the Chamber will work with different stakeholders with the aim of uncovering opportunities within the ecosystem. The Chamber will continue to organise B2B matchmaking events, which aim to bring together local companies with relevant local and international companies/organisations to promote trade and contribute to economic growth. Aside from this, the Abu Dhabi Chamber will be hosting focused topical events to support networking and discuss the most pressing topics in the business environment The Chamber will also support international delegations to facilitate trade, investments and collaboration for the private sector.

As part of its role as a service provider, the Chamber aims to be a trusted platform for economic ecosystem navigation and will offer best-in-class digital and advisory services including, legal advice, legal mediation, attestation, and official documentation services like the certificate of origin. The Chamber conducted a complete digital transformation exercise recently and all its services are 100% digital and can be accessed through the TAMM platform.

The Chamber has stressed that its role is to complement the efforts of the government through private sector engagement and this new strategy with its objectives, service offering and dedication from the Board of Directors, Chamber management, and employees. The ultimate aim is to support Abu Dhabi and realise its future vision, and to strengthen the private sector and Abu Dhabi economy through advocacy, innovation, and digitisation, making Abu Dhabi the number one choice in MENA for business and talent by 2025.

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