Task Tracker Suite with iAccel Gulf Business Incubator Introduces Business Management Platform to Boost UAE Workplace Productivity

Task Tracker Suite with iAccel Gulf Business Incubator Introduces Business Management Platform to Boost UAE Workplace Productivity 

Task Tracker Suite, is a set of affordable, SMART, and user-friendly web and mobile applications, entering the Middle Eastern market to offer a best-in-class people management and sales management tool. 

The platform caters to the general workforce of any company, as well as the sales management team in any organization. Task Tracker is making its entry into the UAE in collaboration with iAccel Gulf Business Incubator, which works under the patronage of Dubai SME, which itself is a part of the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai (DET), which will provide full-spectrum support to the company including licensing, workspaces, mentorship, legal guidance, marketing, funding access, and an extensive investor network and help it strengthen its foothold in the market.

Founded in 2021, the company offers a multilingual interface in 8 languages, including Arabic, to support e-literacy among Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) and, in turn, improve their topline. The platform has introduced incomparable features, bundled applications, and 24x7 tech support that give it an added edge at a fraction of the price to ensure operational efficiency and adoption.

The premium version of the platform, Task Tracker Suite, includes both Task Tracker and Sales Tracker. Task Tracker enables businesses to efficiently oversee their workplace operations through task delegation, automated reports delivered to your mobile, timesheets, performance scores, geo-location capturing with attendance, WhatsApp notifications and reminders, and integrations with Zoom and Google Calendar. Sales Tracker is a sales management tool offering exclusive features, including client data management, lead capture, proposal distribution, and real-time field officer tracking.

Neha Chandra, CEO and Co-Founder of Task Tracker, commented, “Due to its diversified economy and pro-business policies, the UAE is experiencing significant growth in businesses. Having worked with more than 7,000 firms in India, the UAE was the natural next step when it came to expanding Task Tracker. We are confident we can make an impact in the UAE market by adding value to the business management process, with our key focus being on the improvement of delegation, workflow tracking, and ease of remote working for our customers.”

As per the latest Global Startup Environment Report (GSER) for 2023, Dubai has achieved the top position in the Arab world and ranks 12th globally in the list of the 100 best startup environments worldwide. iAccel Gulf Business Incubator, an esteemed incubatory body under DET, plays a significant role in introducing numerous innovative startups to the market, contributing to the UAE’s ability to sustain and grow its ranking. Additionally, the association of iAGBI with the Dubai SME will also offer significant benefits to startups like Task Tracker by fostering collaboration opportunities for them in the UAE.

Deepak Ahuja, CEO and Co-Founder of iAccel Gulf Business Incubator, shared, “Working under the patronage of the Dubai SME, a part of DET, we are dedicated to supporting the government’s D33 agenda to build a robust innovative tech startup ecosystem in the region. With Task Tracker’s cutting-edge technology, we strongly believe that it will make a significant revolution in the task management industry. As the company moves forward to revolutionise people and sale management solutions for businesses in UAE, our commitment extends to providing essential resources, unwavering support, and expert mentorship, empowering them to thrive in the highly competitive landscape of the UAE.”

So far, Task Tracker has successfully increased operational efficiency by up to 60%, ensured that 70% of assigned tasks were completed before or on time, and empowered 45% of managers to reduce their time spent on administration-related tasks. The company’s premium version has successfully assisted companies across sectors by managing over 50,000 tasks on a monthly basis, resulting in increased operational productivity by more than 60% and profits by 3X.


About Task Tracker Suite:

Founded in 2021, Task Tracker Suite is a people management and sales management application committed to providing innovative solutions for businesses. With a focus on enhancing productivity and simplifying task and lead management, Task Tracker empowers organizations to achieve their goals efficiently, while Sales Tracker ensures that leads are followed up on time and managed in a timely manner.


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