TruDoc Acquires "Wellthy Therapeutics" for Enhanced Digital Healthcare

TruDoc Acquires "Wellthy Therapeutics" for Enhanced Digital Healthcare 

TruDoc Healthcare, the GCC's premier virtual primary care provider, announced its acquisition of Wellthy Therapeutics. Wellthy Therapeutics, Asia’s leading clinically validated chronic disease management platform, joins forces with TruDoc. This acquisition heralds TruDoc's strategic expansion into new markets, including India.

The acquisition of Wellthy Therapeutics' advanced behavioural science and digital therapeutic solutions, alongside TruDoc's extensive virtual and in-home healthcare services, marks the dawn of a transformative healthcare era. This integration ensures round-the-clock access to high-quality care, tailored treatment plans, and innovative care delivery methods for patients. These advancements hold the potential to greatly enhance health outcomes and streamline healthcare expenditures.

The combined vision is rooted in patient-centric care, aiming to deliver a seamless, integrated healthcare experience that places the patient at the heart of every decision. With TruDoc's leadership in the GCC and Wellthy’s proven track record in Asia, this alliance is poised to reinforce TruDoc’s leading position in the region as a tech-enabled primary care provider.

Sharing his perspective on the acquisitions, Vish Narain, Chairman of TruDoc, stated, "With this acquisition, we're hitting a key milestone on our path to transforming healthcare across the GCC and beyond. We are crafting an integrated care experience that’s tailored to the changing needs of our patients and our clients. We envision a future where primary care is easily accessible, starting with digital platforms, followed by in-home care, with in-clinic visits only when needed."

"Our founding goal at Wellthy was ambitious; to impact millions of lives. This partnership accelerates our progress towards our impact goal, broadening our reach while enhancing patient outcomes," stated Abhishek Shah, Founder of Wellthy Therapeutics. "The combined capabilities are uniquely positioned to significantly lower healthcare expenses, contribute to savings, and reduce unnecessary hospital and clinic visits, while substantially improving the patient experience."

The synergy of TruDoc and Wellthy Therapeutics will enable insurers, employers, and governments to provide high-quality, individualised care. Integrated services offer connected care, remote monitoring, and instant access to healthcare professionals, all supported by AI and personalised care protocols. This approach not only elevates patient care but also delivers validated results in terms of cost reductions across the outpatient care spectrum.

In pursuit of Vision 2025, TruDoc and Wellthy Therapeutics are aligning their clinical strengths and digital health expertise to create a sustainable healthcare ecosystem aimed at impacting 10 million lives. This strategic partnership signifies a significant step towards closing the loop on full-stack primary care, leveraging TruDoc's clinical proficiency and Wellthy Therapeutics' prowess in digital health and behavioural science.

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