Quiz: What is Data Mining?

Quiz: What is Data Mining? 

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The predictive capacity of the data mining has changed the design of business strategies.

With data-backed assumptions, businesses can now create deeply personalized & targeted marketing campaigns, ensuring ensuring an increase in sales at the fraction of the cost.

Do you know what the main steps to start applying data mining are?

Take the quiz to find out!

What is Data Mining?

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True or False: Data Mining must be completely automatic, otherwise it would not be 100% effective:

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Which is the first step for data mining?

3 / 7

Which is the last step for data mining?

4 / 7

DMP stands for:

5 / 7

How do DMPs work?

6 / 7

True or False: Through the DMP, you’ll be able to identify and activate relevant personas:

7 / 7

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