Report: The new e-commerce landscape in the UAE and KSA

Report: The new e-commerce landscape in the UAE and KSA 

While Noon is popular in the UAE, Amazon is the most used e-commerce platform. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the foundations of businesses throughout the world. Brands have had to adapt fast to protect against the inevitable downturns of a global recession. One area of immense growth, however, has emerged: e-commerce. 

COVID-19 will result in an additional $183bn being spent by consumers online this year. E-commerce sales are set to rise by over 30% – $677bn – to $2.9trn (Source: WARC Global Ad Trends). In an era of lockdowns and heightened sensitivity to health, hygiene and convenience, many consumer packaged goods firms are in a position of strength. 

As e-commerce booms globally, what does the picture look like in the Middle East? What are consumer attitudes there? Using proprietary research of 1,490 consumers in KSA and 1,230 consumers in UAE, WARC (a global authority on advertising best practice and proven approaches to maximize advertising effectiveness) has partnered with Choueiri Group to place e-commerce in these markets in context to evaluate how the five themes from our Global WARC Guide should be assessed at a local level.

Using proprietary research of consumers in KSA and UAE, the two organizations present a comprehensive study focused on e-commerce’s immense potential and future across the Middle East.

You can find the full report here.

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