Steps to create your MVP

Steps to create your MVP 

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Three elements to focus on when creating an MVP:

1- Know your objective or problem statement in order to define your product’s purpose

2- Ideation Information: User personas, user stories, and epics. 

3- Analysis: Assumptions, constraints, and success metrics

What is a Feature Prioritisation in an MVP

An MVP must contain enough features to be able to attract customers and allow you to validate your product idea early on in your product development phase.

These features are to be used by early adopters who can then provide feedback for future product development.

Feature Prioritisation helps in determining first priorities, planning a roadmap, defining boundaries, and differentiating between wants and needs.


Strategies to measure the success of your MVP

1- Your landing page: The kind of data you get out of a landing page can be a gold mine of insights for you. 

2- Customer interviews: When you are interviewing your customers, learn to ask open-ended questions. 

3- Crowdsourcing campaigns: Crowdsourcing campaigns are majorly leveraged to raise funds for bringing a product idea to life. 

4- Ad campaigns: This enables you to position your MVP to the specific sections of the audience that you want to reach out to by targeting specific people in different ways.

5- Wizard of Oz MVP: You are creating the illusion of a fully functional product, but behind the scenes, you are the one servicing your customers manually and measuring its success. 


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