Identifying your Goals and Key Performance Indicators

Identifying your Goals and Key Performance Indicators 

By: Abu Dhabi SME Hub
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You have defined your clear business value proposition and identified who and where your customers are at this stage. Now it is time to establish your goals and Key Performance Indicators. 

What are some common goals for effective social media marketing? 

There are two types of goals to identify: Your hard goals and your soft goals.  Your hard goals are simple: Selling your product online and getting sales leads.  Soft goals focus on showing a positive brand image, establishing customer relationships, and growing reviews.  


Most common soft goals for social media marketing are:  

  • eWOM (electronic word of mouth) 

  • Customer Continuum

  • Bad reviews

  • Trust Indicators 

  • Staying Top of Mind 

  • Promotions


Next up – download the Marketing Goals Worksheet  

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