The first stages of your social media marketing plan

The first stages of your social media marketing plan 

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Planning your social media marketing strategy requires an enormous amount of behind-the-scenes management.  

What, is the best way to learn how to organize a festival?  As a social media marketer, you should follow, observe, and learn from other successful social media platforms.  

There are 2 things to keep an eye on as a social media marketer

Firstly, the companies to emulate: Identify big brands that are very successful in their social media marketing, even if they are not related to your industry.  Secondly, your competitors. While using your social media platforms, search by keywords or relevant content themes for brands similar to yours. 


Let’s look into the different ways that help potential customers discover you on social media? 

1 - Search: 

2 - Review/Recommend/Trust 



5 - BROWSE:  

Watch our next video to learn the next stage of building your social media marketing plan: Identifying your Goals and Key Performance Indicators.  

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