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Are you Ready to Build a Pricing Strategy? 

What are the necessary steps that must be taken when building a pricing strategy?


And what are the different types of pricing strategies? Take this quiz and test your knowledge on these questions!


What is the first step in determining your pricing strategy?

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Which pricing strategy initially sets low prices for your products so that you grow your market share, then gradually increase them as your customer base grows?

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What is cost-plus pricing?

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Which pricing strategy is the reason you charge an odd number such as $19.97 for your product instead of a round number like $20.00?

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What is the first step in setting up your pricing strategy?

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What should you do once you have set up your framework?

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Popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu offer similar prices for their services. What type of pricing strategy do is this?

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When the Dollar Shave Club first launched, it sold grooming razors at a lower price than competitors thanks to opting for a solely online presence, as well as cutting out “middlemen” wholesalers and distributors. What type of pricing strategy did the Dollar Shave Club use in this case?

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