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How much do you know about social media marketing? 

By: Abu Dhabi SME Hub
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Social Media Marketing has become a crucial part of any company’s growth journey and success.

How familiar are you with social media marketing and the ways it can help your business? 

Take this quiz to find out! 


Generally, how many marketing channels should you focus on if you have a new business?

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What is the first and most important step in choosing the right channels for your business?

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What is a common marketing channel you should use if you want to connect with people on a more individual level?

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Why should your business resort to social media?

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How many active users did Facebook have during the first quarter of 2022?

5 / 7

What is the name of the engine, created by T, which uses artificial intelligence through social media to reach new customers?

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What do you need to create a successful social media marketing plan?

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