How do you define success for an MVP and how do you move forward?

How do you define success for an MVP and how do you move forward? 

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Once the MVP is launched, you need to collect initial feedback from the ‘early adopters’ as they test the product concept.

How to collect feedback from your “early adopters”?

1- Receive the customer’s feedback: Collecting the customer’s views and opinions helps you to improve your product’s usability and user journey. 

2- Understand the customer’s willingness to pay: If you observe that some users are choosing the payment option on your landing page, this means that some people are willing to pay for your product.

3- Test the monetization options: Discover what makes your product sustainable and profitable, as well as how much it would cost to do so. 


What are the different methods used to measure success?

1- Word of Mouth

2- Engagement

3- Sign-up

4- Better Client Appraisals based on feedback

5- Percentage of active users

6- Client Acquisition cost (CAC)

7- Number of paying users

8- Client Lifetime Value (CLV)

9- Churn Rate


Watch the video to look deeper into the different strategies to measure your MVP’s success. 

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