Quiz: Are you ready to start rebranding?

Quiz: Are you ready to start rebranding? 

As you start on the rebranding journey, there are a number of steps you can take to prepare for the process, from auditing your brand to auditing your competitors' brand.

Not to mention, assessing and testing that must take place before launching your new brand.

So are you ready to start rebranding?

Take the quiz to find out!

Your first step to Rebranding should focus on:

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Your verbal identity is how you speak about your brand. As you assess whether this verbal identity helps you grow your business, you should focus on reviewing the elements below, except for...

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TRUE or FALSE: A brand’s core identity is simply the way a brand looks. You should audit your existing core identity and document what is working and what is not, including Logo, Color palette, Typography, and other visual elements.

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Preparing a Branding Brief helps set a guide to your brand and it explain your brand’s values, objectives, vision, and mission. What should this brand Brief notably include?

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Once you have some mock-up ideas and designs for potential new direction, creatives and visuals, your immediate next step should be:

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